Birthing Center Birth by Lindsee McDonald

Birthing Center Birth by Lindsee McDonald

4 big, long pushes, one loud scream of “I can’t do this!!”, and suddenly I looked at Brett and said “he’s coming!” ~ Lindsee McDonald

Prodromal Labor

Around 7pm Brett and I were playing with Kenna in her room upstairs when I started feeling small contractions.

I remembered with Kenna, I had prodromal labor for at least a week. Up all night with contractions, I always thought they were the real thing and they weren’t. So I assumed that’s what this was and I asked Brett if we could all go for a walk. This was something that always helped with Kenna.

As we went for a walk around the neighborhood, the contractions got stronger and closer together. They were hurting so bad that I could no longer walk through them and I finally told Brett that we needed to go back because I didn’t have any water.

Something else that helped them go away with Kenna was drinking a lot of water and taking a warm shower. After doing both of those things, the contractions did not go away. Brett put Kenna to sleep while I texted my Doula.

I began timing my contractions, but was told they were not consistent enough to be considered real. Having figured as much, I laid down and tried to go to sleep. unable to get much sleep, the contractions kept coming.

I sat in the bathtub and listened to a Hypnobirthing soundtrack, trying to rest and allow my body to accept the contractions. Real or fake, in my mind this was still not even close to the real thing.

I was texting Elsie, telling her how I felt but mostly complaining that this was going to be a long night since this was not real.

Kenna came a day late, there was no way this boy would come almost 2 weeks early!

Then some guilt sat in…

I told her how sad it would be that when the time DOES come, I wouldn’t be able to remember when my last full day of just me and Kenna was.

I wouldn’t be able to remember our last night cuddling as a family of 3!

This could really be it!

By 3:00 am my contractions were a little over a minute apart and I finally started accepting that this could actually be IT. I didn’t know what it was like to not have prodromal labor for days!

Suddenly I remembered that our car seat was still in the attic, we had no bags packed, and all of our clothes were dirty.

I woke Brett up and he gets everything together while I make some peanut butter toast. It’s now 4 am and we hear Kenna at the top of the stairs saying, “toast please mommy!”, she must have smelled it! We ate our toast together, and at 6 am I decided we needed to go.

I called my doula, and she said, “Okay, I understand. But my advice is to wait. You’re talking to me right now and I can tell you that you are way too calm to be in labor. They will just send you home.” I told her I understood that, but having a toddler and going into downtown Atlanta at 6 am made me nervous. I’d rather just go get checked out! We head that way and had to stop for gas (can you tell how unprepared we were yet!). We started calling family to see if anyone could come get Kenna. Y’all, 7 houses of family members and EVERY SINGLE ONE was out of town! Seriously!

We arrived at the birthing center around 8 am, and my midwife says the same thing. You’re too calm to be in labor. Discouraged, I told Brett to stop calling people, to get Kenna, and let me get checked out.

I was dilated to almost 8 cm!

Baby time!!

I went to the fire room because they had a birthing pool with a heater. Hearing Brett and Kenna watching and singing the Wiggles, I bounced on the birthing ball for a bit while chatting with my doula,. I labored almost the entire time listening to the Wiggles. I bet you didn’t have that great birthing soundtrack! Every time a contraction came, I closed my eyes and said to myself

“with every wave, my baby is closer to me. My body and my baby know what they are doing and I was created for this very moment.”

I would open my eyes once it ended and smile. Continuing wherever I left off in my conversations. Finally at around 10:45 am, Brett’s half brother’s stepmom came (following? One big crazy family) to get Kenna. They ended up staying in the lobby because Elizabeth, our oldest niece, wanted to see the baby!

Contractions continued to get stronger.

Painfully, I started moaning through them, with my midwife assuring me that I was doing great. Finally I could feel him in the birth canal. My body began pushing with the contractions without me trying.


It was just automatic.

No stopping it.

4 big, long pushes, one loud scream of “I can’t do this!!”, and suddenly I looked at Brett and said, “he’s coming!”

At 11:50 am, I heard my midwife say, “reach down and grab your baby.” Without even looking, I reached into the water and I pulled my sweet son to my chest. I looked at him and said, “Hey! Welcome to earth, you really hurt me!” We admired him while we waited for the umbilical chord to stop pulsing, and Brett cut it. Brett did skin to skin with Zane while I climbed into the bed and did all the fun afterbirth stuff. No tearing, God is good!

8 lbs, 4 oz, and 20.5 inches long. Perfect just the way God made him. I nursed, napped, ate, and showered before leaving at around 7:30 that night. We could’ve left earlier but I had already called the pizza delivery guy. We waited and ate the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

Midwives: Erin & Vanessa

Nurse: Augie

Lindsee is an entrepreneur, motivator, and encourager 💪. She is a lover of Jesus, her family, and health 🍉! Follow her on InstaGram @this.littlelife


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