Choices in Home Education

Choices in Home Education

If you listened to my last video on Instagram or read my last post, you know that we felt called to this homeschooling thing.

Even though we know it’s what God has for us and our children in this season, there are times when it gets tough and we really feel like throwing in the towel.

Homeschooling has meant putting my marriage and family therapy license to use on hold, one less income, tough days with little me or adult-time; And did I mention one less income?

Homeschooling as also meant more time with our children. Being able to pour into our children and lay the solid foundation we desire to lay for them. Not only educationally, but spiritually as well. It has meant teaching them not only things they have to know, but things they want to know. It has meant growing beautiful friendships, personal spiritual growth, being present and visiting more family, and flexibility with our time.

With everything comes pros and cons, and I could probably give you a large list for both. But, the main reason we have chosen to continue homeschooling is because of the calling. We desire to obey and walk in God’s will first and foremost.

If we are going to continue homeschooling, why is our son testing for school?

Each year, throughout the year, I pray asking God if it is still His will that we homeschool. Not that I’m ready to get rid of my children (although to be honest, some days this is the case), but because I want to make sure that we continue in His will. We also want to make sure that we remain open to His plans for our children. What is done for one season may not be the same for another.

Praying about it fervently this year, I happened to invite myself and my son to hear a friend speak to elementary students about leadership. After hearing her speak, she mentioned that the school had an enrichment program for homeschoolers. Once a week homeschool children come and take art, science, Spanish, music, and physical education classes. They have chapel time and are able to participate in school sports.


The subjects that I have the most difficult time getting to, are taught outside of the home, in a setting where my son, who LOVES to socialize, will be able to make more connections. We will be able to continue teaching the core curriculum of our choice, and laying the foundation we feel the Holy Spirit leading us to lay.

My son’s prayers

After visiting this school my son asked if he could attend in the Fall. Knowing this program would be an additional expense, I responded as usual, “Son, you’ll have to pray about it”.

He said, “okay” with excitement, as if he already received an answer. When we got home, he shared his excitement with his father and then his Nana.

After talking with Nana, I got on the phone and Nana shared that if this was something he really wanted to do, she would cover the first year tuition.


Talk about God giving us the desires of our hearts.

We knew there would be an application process, and he would have to be accepted. So, we told him we’d have to continue praying about it. This possible opportunity opened the door for a whole lot of research on our parts.

Making knowledgable and wise choices right!

We discovered there are so many options for homeschoolers regarding out of the home education. There’s the single day program (homeschool enrichment), 2-day programs, 3-day programs (which tend to be the university model), etc. There are a lot to chose from!

We shared with our son, that ultimately the decision is God’s as to if he will attend school in the fall, and what type of program he will participate in.

Continuing in prayer, we have begun the application process for one of the programs. This process has come with a lot of fears along the way, but we are learning a lot. We have peace in knowing that God is in control of even our children’s education.

Options for you too!

Whether you choose to educate your children in the home or out of the home, know that there are options and do your research. Just like there are tons of great schools and school districts, there are also tons of options for homeschooling. Assess all possibilities and choose what is best for you and your family.

Keep an eye out on to find out which program we have chosen for the fall, and why.

Deitra B.

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