Seven Layers Deep with The Teaching Wife

Seven Layers Deep with The Teaching Wife

Your parents choices yesterday, impacted your choices today. Your choices today, will impact your child’s choices tomorrow ~ The Teaching Wife

Why The Teaching Wife?

Why Blogging?

As I sat down with my husband and friends to go 7 layers deep, I was excited to get to the root of all this blogging business.

Why was I blogging?Why had I chosen yet another domain name “The Teaching Wife”.

You see, originally when I began blogging, it was to document my journey as a new stay-at-home, Boy Mom. This didn’t last long. As the money grow short, finances grew tight, and I just couldn’t afford to be at home.

Fast forward some years later to my reintroduction into the blogging world with Again, this didn’t last long as my original plan was to share my prayer journals. I thought it would be cool to also share real life stories and topics from our family dinner table of three generations.

After a while I began to feel lost and completely out of my element with blogging. I didn’t feel like my domain name accurately expressed what I wanted to write about. I just wasn’t sure what to do anymore with this blogging thing.

A little over one year later, was born. Although I loved the concept, my desire was to reach beyond my brothers and sisters in Christ, and to do so much more.

This is when The Teaching Wife was born. Still very unclear of the direction this would take, I invested in a few blogging e-courses and set off again on my blogging adventure. This time with a little more guidance.

With the additional knowledge, I thought I was ready. I’d blog about homeschooling, marriage, family, parenting, food allergies, and faith. My niche would be homeschooling of course.

But this particular night, as I sat down to reflect on my Why, I realized, much of this sounded good on the surface. But, most of it wasn’t at the heart of The Teaching Wife.

The Heart of The Teaching Wife

At the heart of The Teaching Wife is a woman who was blessed to grow up in a two parent household. Now, this doesn’t mean my household was perfect, but studies show that

“A solid, intact family structure can have a significantly positive impact on a child’s present and future wellbeing, and offers countless benefits for both adults and children.”

My family and I had our own sets of issues, but my parents choice to remain committed to each other, and their covenant before God, would definitely prove to have a positive impact on my future.

Growing up, we don’t have a choice as to if our parents stay together. We don’t have a choice as to how our parents get along, display love, or parent us. But as adults, we do have the power and freedom of choice. We can make a difference for our children and their children, by making sure our daily choices are made with knowledge and wisdom.

With that being said, I truly believe that even if you aren’t the product of a two-parent household, some things that have been generational in your family, can stop with you!

My mom often says,

“when you know better, you do better”.

We have to make the decision to grow in knowledge and choose to do our absolute best.

The Power and Freedom of Choice

The Teaching Wife is dedicated in serving and helping you with making educated decisions. I don’t share what I do, in hopes of you doing the same, but in hopes of educating you on your choices as a parent, so that you can do what is best for you, your child, and your family as a whole.

The choices we make today, will affect the choices our children make tomorrow. What kind of tomorrow will your children have?

Here’s to knowing we have choices, educating ourselves on these choices, and choosing what works best for our unique family’s lifestyle.

Deitra B.

I am Deitra Baker, a servant, follower and lover of Christ. I am a wife to one amazing husband, and mother to two of God’s most amazing children...Read More »

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