A Gift From God Not Well Received

A Gift From God Not Well Received

A gift for your family

You and your spouse have some exciting news! You guys share with your children the plan for moving into a new and larger house. It will have more space for everyone, and it’s what you and your spouse want for your family. Plus, you think they’d really love it.

It takes a while, but eventually, it’s moving day. Your family arrives at your new house, and you and your spouse are excited. You look at the kids expecting them to have the same joy, only to see that the looks on their faces aren’t at all what you thought they’d be. You ask them what they think, and they explain that even though they like the new house, they weren’t really ready to leave the old house. They share that they are afraid of having to go to a new school, making new friends, and actually don’t know if this is the neighborhood for them.

You and your spouse look at your children in disbelief. Not only had you guys worked hard to give them what’s best for them, but you guys always made sure they were taken care of in any new situations. Why would this be any different? If they were going to be this ungrateful, maybe you guys should have saved your hard earned money and remained in the old house where they shared rooms and had little space to move around.

A gift for our family

For me, this story is all too familiar. Except for my husband and I are the kids and our Heavenly Father is our parent. When we found out we were pregnant with our third child, faith quickly took a back seat, and fear was up front and center. The Lord had shown us He wanted us to have another child, but we weren’t ready yet! In our minds, His timing was just a little off.

We are still in the process of figuring out ways to increase our income. Still paying off doctor bills from our son, and nowhere near meeting our deductible for our health insurance. We still don’t have our own home, and to top it all off, I still didn’t have an OBGYN!

How embarrassing. How would we ever share this news with anyone? What should have been a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving, quickly turned into grumbling and complaining. This sweet and precious gift that God so graciously gave us was frowned upon. We basically told God, that His gift was not what we needed. Pridefully, we told Him that we knew of better timing, and this just wasn’t it.

After my meltdown, I was quickly convicted of my behaviors, and ultimately what was in my heart. I had to repent because I knew I sinned against Him and was very ungrateful. God’s timing is perfect. God’s gifts are the best. God is my provider, and He has continued to take care of us. As a parent, I would never want my kids to respond to me in this manner, so why would I respond this way to my God and Father?

I am so thankful for God’s grace, mercy, and patience with me. I am a sinner, undeserving of His goodness and His blessings, and yet he never stops giving.

God is birthing something within you!

Maybe in this season, you aren’t pregnant with a child, but with a dream or calling God has for you. Remember that when God is birthing something within you, faith is required.

As with pregnancy, we have to remember that despite the initial doubts and fears, God is doing something new in and through us. He is birthing something (or someone!) for His glory. Though it can be a tedious and sometimes overwhelming process, it is beautiful, and it is worth every single moment.

God’s gifts are good! Respond to His giving in a way that would be pleasing to Him. When God gives you a gift, He always provides for it. All you have to do is seek Him and trust Him. Don’t be overcome by fear, but overcome fear with faith. He is the reason we have all that we have, and He loves us so much! Let’s not be ungrateful nor take these things for granted.



Deitra B.

Deitra B.

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