What I Plan to Teach my Children This Columbus Day

What I Plan to Teach my Children This Columbus Day

Ok, so don’t judge me. Columbus Day is just around the corner. And similar to last year, I wasn’t sure what (if anything) I’d like to teach my children about this national holiday. Last year, I went on Pinterest (as I usually do) to find engaging unit lessons on Columbus Day but didn’t end up using any of it.

This year I thought about creating my own printables, but couldn’t decide what would be my purpose for doing so. I decided that before I taught my children anything about this nationally celebrated day, I better first educate myself beyond my elementary-through-high-school-general-education-history-class knowledge.

In doing so, I discovered that my home state, (California) no longer celebrates Columbus Day, but will now celebrate Indigenous People Day. I also discovered that Native Americans don’t celebrate Columbus Day for obvious reasons. So, what will I teach my children about the Christoper Columbus holiday and why we
as Americans celebrate it? Im glad you asked!

Here are 5 things I will teach my children this Christopher Columbus Holiday:

  1. Christoper Columbus was an explorer.
  2. On his first expedition, Columbus accidentally explored the Caribbean islands in search for a shorter route to Asia.
  3. In his country and surrounding areas, the exploration of the Caribbean islands had not been done before. So this was a milestone for the Spanish people.
  4. Christopher Columbus hypothesized that the Earth’s circumference was a lot smaller than it actually was.
  5. Columbus allowed greed and his desire for goods and gold to influence him for bad.

From the life of Christopher Columbus, we can learn to try new things like exploring and hypothesizing. We don’t just learn from people’s successes; we can also learn from others mistakes or areas of growth.

Here are some additional lessons to be learned from the life of Christopher Columbus:

  1. Even if you feel you had something first, you should be kind and share.
  2. Everything we have belongs to God.
  3. We are to treat others with respect.
  4. We are to love one another.
  5. Pride can cause anyone to fall.

During his expeditions, Christopher Columbus and his crew encountered many different tribes. Some of those tribes included the Taino, the Ciguayo, and Carib Cannibals. Our lessons for the day will include learning something new about each of these tribes.

Whether you choose to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, Indigenous People Day, or nothing at all, I encourage you to do more research on the history of our American culture. But please don’t stop there. Study the history of your culture, family history, and biblical history. Knowledge is power! Don’t rely on second-hand knowledge, but do the research yourself so that you can accurately teach your children and the children of our next generation. This teaching wife has learned something today! I hope it encourages you to go and do the same.

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