Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for fall?

If you would have asked me this question while I was residing in Southern California, I would have looked at you like, “What you talking ‘bout, Willis?” But now that I live in Texas, I can honestly say that we enjoy seeing the seasons change. After a hot summer, it’s nice to feel a cool down.

Some of our family’s Fall favorites include, watching the leaves turn red, orange and brown, drinking hot apple cider, spending Thanksgiving with family, and attending fall festivities. Our kids also enjoy jumping in piles of leaves.

After watching an episode of Nature Cat, my son came up with the idea of taking a nature walk to look for signs of Fall. While out for our walk one day, he began searching for different color leaves, and seeds from a dandelion. He then asked about katydids, and Wooly Bear caterpillars. I had no idea what a Wooly Bear caterpillar was (to be honest), but enjoyed the lessons he began to teach me about Fall.

We had so much fun on our nature walk, we decided to create our very own Signs of Fall Scavenger Hunt. As my son helped me come up with a list of our favorite signs of fall, my husband started designing our printable. My daughters job was to test the final product for appearance and fun.

The first day of Fall is tomorrow! Friday, September 22, 2017. If you homeschool, you can use this scavenger hunt as a fun Friday activity. If your children are in school, you can use this as an after school or weekend activity. Either way, we pray you enjoy using it to welcome Fall.

Download your copy of our scavenger hunt here. Tell us some of your family’s fall favorites by leaving a comment below.

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