Training For Eternity

Training For Eternity

I have this very cool app called Running, in which you choose a training plan and your level (starting point), and they give you a workout designed for that level. During your workout, you have a coach who tells you when to walk, run, sprint, etc. The “coach” is very encouraging throughout your workout (when you purchase the premium club, you can choose from a few different coaches. And there are meal tips!). Once your workout is complete, throughout the day, the app also reminds you that “it’s time to drink some water”. 

Let God be Your Life Coach

As I’m running and using my app one day, I thought, “God, be my coach”. When you say walk, I’ll walk. When you say run, I’ll run. If you want me to rest, I’ll rest. Train me for eternity. Then there were times when the coach from the app would say, “run”, and I’d walk. She’d say, “sprint”, and I’d lightly jog. I quickly felt convicted. You see, I don’t know about you, but there are times when I ask God to coach me, but as soon as I get tired and He tells me to run, I walk. As soon as He tells me to rest, I run, and as soon as he tells me to sprint, I jog. And let’s not forget that sweet reminder He gives to take a sip from He who gives the living water; To eat the bread of heaven. But, I’m too busy to stop what I’m doing at that moment. All of which is disobedience. All of which is why I’m so in need of Jesus Christ.  

Faith Training

But, back to my original thought:

This app is so cool! Imagine having an app like this for faith training or working out our faith muscles. Because we are all on different faith journeys, we will all have to select our training plan and starting level.

Today, I want to remind you that the Holy Spirit is your personal coach. And, even better than the app, you don’t have to have a cell phone or an app open to hear from Him. Once you’ve decided to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, as you begin building your relationship with Him, through prayer and studying The Word, His Holy Spirit will coach you in your faith training. Just like running, when we are out of shape, initially it can be tough to jog for 5 minutes or sprint for 30 seconds, but as we are obedient in our actions, the training will get easier (though challenging), and our faith muscles begin to grow. Staying in physical shape is great, but training for eternity is priceless. Download your spiritual running app today by saying, “Yes Lord. I want to train for eternity. I want to hear and obey your voice. Thank you for being my portion. Increase my measure of faith in you. 

Deitra B.

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